We specialise in supporting vulnerable people by encouraging them to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to enable them achieve their aspirations and live fulfilling lives.

BCL operations and practices are underpinned by social care policies and procedures. We work very well as a team with diverse expertise and knowledge of working with vulnerable people of all ages. The hub of our activities is in the West London area where we are registered as a Limited liability organisation.

We understand that everyone is different, so we provide a person-centred approach that helps people to build confidence and obtain the skills required for living independently. We work closely with families, social workers, care coordinators, GPs, and all relevant MDT professionals.

We operate our impressive care with enhanced digital hardware and software computer operations. We keep our records safe and are working towards having paperless record keeping as we do our bit to make the environment a cleaner and better place.

BCL offers a calm and supportive environment to assist those with autism, Asperger’s, and challenging behaviour to live happily in their community. Our staff are trained with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and have access to a specialist to ensure residents are supported by those who understand their needs and triggers.

We dedicated our time and effort into becoming a specialist in the mental health sector. During this time, we have acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience in supporting those with mental health conditions. Our specialist support is catered to individuals with paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar, eating disorders, personality disorders, depression, dual diagnosis, and other mental health conditions.

We are fully invested in helping people with a history of drug and alcohol addiction to achieve a full recovery and fulfil their maximum potential. Our support includes arranging access to local drug and alcohol clinics and counselling. With core recovery-based values at the heart of our services, BCL aim to deliver a personalised care service to all our customers requiring assistance and support. We have a good reputation for providing a range of high-quality care services.

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